5 tips til at få bedre orgasmer som kvinde

5 tips to get better orgasms as a woman

Good sex and orgasms give life more content and joy. Besides giving a lot of pleasure, it is also good for health. Having an orgasm increases pleasure hormones in the body and lowers stress and blood pressure. And then a really good orgasm helps to bond closer love and attraction in a relationship. As a woman, you also feel much more comfortable in your body and mind when you have regular orgasms. The woman's body actually has the ability to have many different orgasms, and the deeper the more satisfying. The quality of the orgasm therefore plays a role in relation to the level of satisfaction. There are some orgasms that just feel like a little sneeze, while others are deep and feel like opening up to other dimensions.

Here are some tips on how you can have better and more satisfying orgasms as a woman instead of the little sneezes of orgasms.

1. Create security

Confidence is the first step to being able to have an orgasm and open yourself up to your full orgasmic potential as a woman. Having an orgasm is all about surrender. And without security it is difficult to let go. If you have a lot of worries and don't feel completely safe in your surroundings, your life or with your partner, then the body tries more to protect you and shut down. If you don't have a 100% yes to sex or penetration, then there will always be some kind of resistance to the surrender into orgasm. First of all, it is therefore good to create security around yourself. Lock the door, turn on the heat in the room, roll down the curtains if that's what it takes. Then create a nice, sensual, erotic atmosphere for you (and any partner). Light candles, put on some sensual music, decorate your bed with soft pillows and clean sheets. Create a space for you that allows you to set yourself free, get wild and get down into your body without disturbance.

2. Explore yourself without any goal

Before you are with a partner, it can be really good to get to know yourself better and explore what turns you on and what doesn't turn you on. Experiment with your hands first before you start using a sex toy. Because when you use your hands, you create a kind of feedback from your fingers to your skin, which makes you get to know yourself better, instead of having to feel yourself through an object. It can be nice to use a good lubricant or body-safe oil, e.g. almond oil. Warm the oil between your hands and start by giving in to simple touch, e.g. of breasts, stomach and inner thighs. The more relaxed and turned on you can feel, the more orgasmic it will also feel to be touched by the vulva and vagina. So allow plenty of time to explore. It's about moving forward quietly and being curious and exploring even the gentler sensations, because that can build up to more and more pleasure and a great orgasm.

3. Use a glass dildo to have different orgasms

To get deeper, you can invest in a sex toy. Using a glass dildo is a body-safe, sustainable and non-vibrating alternative to the high-vibrating silicone and plastic dildos. It can be good to choose a sex toy that does not vibrate because it allows you to learn to slow down and experience the deeper, quieter sensations needed to build up to a big orgasm. A vibrator can tend to overstimulate the sensitive nerves in the vagina and clitoris, and some girls also become addicted to the vibrations and end up only being able to come off the vibrations. A glass dildo, on the other hand, invites you to relax into pleasure, let go and become intimate with yourself. Use it to give yourself an internal massage and explore the different erogenous zones inside the vagina. Gudindetemplet.dk has a lot of beautiful feminine glass dildos made of crack-free and high-quality borosilicate glass. The Magic Squirt is good if you want to learn how to have squirt orgasms. The Cervix Serpent wand is delicious if you want to open up your deeper orgasms such as cervical orgasm. You can find them both here .

4. Massage your breasts and open your heart

A woman's heart and breasts are actually directly linked to her sexuality and gender. There is both a neurological and hormonal connection between the woman's nipples and clitoris. The same center in the brain that is activated by clitoral stimulation is also activated by stimulating the nipples. By stimulating the nipples, the endocrine system's secretion of healthy hormones is activated, which helps to increase the love hormone oxytocin and provide wetness in the vagina. It makes sense when a woman is breastfeeding her baby because nipple stimulation helps the uterus contract and heal. It binds the mother to her child. In a relationship and in love, the woman will have greater orgasms and form a deeper bond of love with her lover. To become more orgasmic, you can turn on your breasts and nipples through a gentle breast massage. The breasts are like an extension of the heart, so on the emotional level, falling in love will make it easier to have an orgasm. It can also help to have a vulnerable conversation with your partner. It eases the heart (and the orgasms) when you get to say the things that weigh you down.

5. Exercise the pelvic floor with a Yoni Egg

The pelvic floor has a lot to say in relation to how big orgasms we can have and how much we can enjoy sex. When aroused, the pelvic floor will help to increase the blood supply to the genitals, and during orgasm, the pelvic floor will make rhythmic contractions. You can imagine that the pelvic floor is like a trampoline. When you jump on the trampoline, the orgasmic energy will jump up and down. The more efficient the trampoline, the better, deeper and more satisfying orgasms you can have. It therefore makes good sense to train your pelvic floor. Because if you have a very weak pelvic floor, then your trampoline will be completely loose and unable to jump. Conversely, if you have a very tight pelvic floor, the trampoline will be far too hard to jump on. It is therefore important that the pelvic floor aka the trampoline is in perfect balance, and is both strong, flexible and relaxed. A yoni egg is a perfect tool for training your pelvic floor. It's a crystal shaped like an egg that you use inside the vagina to squeeze and release around. You can walk around with the egg inserted or do active exercises with it, where you squeeze and release around it like normal pelvic floor exercises. You can read more about the yoni egg here .

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