6 grunde til at nyde menstruationssex!

6 Reasons to Enjoy Period Sex!

Having sex during your period with yourself or your partner can be a very intimate and profound experience!

Here are four reasons why it's worth celebrating your period and prioritizing your enjoyment during your period…

1. Orgasms reduce menstrual pain

First of all, it helps reduce cramps and pain related to menstruation. During an orgasm, the muscles in the uterus contract and relax, and this movement becomes a natural pain reliever.

So if you really have a lot of period pain, try giving yourself an orgasm or two, three, four and feel the difference. It's a lot more fun than taking a panodil!

If you have difficulty achieving an orgasm, massaging the vulva and vagina with your hands and possibly a Calypso Cervix sta v can be a really good way to relax the muscles and release pain.

2. Menstruation is taboo!

What has been taboo, hidden away in the shadows, feared and ignored is often the path to personal liberation!

To set yourself free, you often have to dig deep within yourself and release your limiting beliefs.

Welcoming sex during your period can help release body hatred, body disgust, shame and guilt and instead embrace your femininity in all its phases.

Plus, embracing taboos in one's sexuality can make sex much more intense and exciting! ?

3. It opens up the inner wild woman

If you talk about female archetypes, then the period up to and during menstruation is often associated with the wilder dark goddess who reacts over the Underworld and expresses her desire and lust without restraint.

Having sex during menstruation also opens up a sexuality that is more wild and PRIMAL. A wildness that gives and receives pleasure without limits.

As a man, it can also be super exciting (and holy) to embrace the woman's blood without shame.

Using a waterproof Goddess Blanket can be advantageously used to avoid blood stained sheets and set the mood to be able to surrender completely to one's pleasure during menstruation.

4. Menstruation is the gateway to the erotic feminine!

In pre-Christian times, the menstruating woman was hallowed and exalted as the mystic with clairvoyant messages.

Having menstrual sex can unlock the mystery and make sex a more sacred experience, where the woman can potentially initiate the man into the erotic feminine.

After all, the uterus and cervix are most open and redemptive at this time, and couples have sex solely for the sake of pleasure and love, not fertilization.

5. Naturally more wet

The bleeding makes you naturally wetter in the vagina, and this can make sex much more enjoyable.

So you don't need to think about lube!

Some girls and women also experience being more sensitive and having a higher sex drive during their period - this is not known for sure, but if you experience it, it is undoubtedly your body's signal to you that it is time for some sexiness .

6. Increased emotional intimacy

Ever since adolescence, we are often taught to see menstruation as something to be hidden away and shameful.

But menstruation is completely natural and not disgusting. It happens every eternal month, when the endometrium is released when fertilization has not occurred. By having menstrual sex, you take the stigma away from menstruation and the female body, which is revolutionary in itself.

It increases your connection to your authentic pure sexual core that you were born with - where there is no shame or guilt!

That in itself will increase your emotional intimacy with yourself and with your partner. It can even be a romantic and emotionally healing experience for both parties.

Bonus for the man:

You will realize that a little blood on the dick is nothing to fear or be disgusted by! And no, you don't want to suddenly turn into a champion of women's menstrual rights and start handing out tampons and menstrual cups at your leisure. 

The collective fear of the menstruating female body has been in our consciousness for the last 600 years because of the Catholic Church, and again menstrual sex can be replaced by a fearlessness to explore her body instead. It is wildly sexy & attractive and helps to create an even deeper emotional bond between man and woman.

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