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Get rid of tension in the abdomen

Our abdomen is the place in our body where we can experience so much pleasure and joy. It is here that we connect to our sexual energy, and when we are in full contact it fills us with sexual satisfaction, which is such an important part of good health and a high quality of life. But there are so many women today who walk in silence with problems and tension in the lower abdomen, which can make life very sad and cold and gray.

Problems with tension in the abdomen are very common

In fact, 16 percent of women aged 40-60 and 50% of women over 75 have problems with incontinence.

Up to 50% of women who have given birth develop a sunken pelvic floor, also called genital prolapse.

And up to 300,000 women turn to the doctor every year because of pain in the lower abdomen.

The cause of tension in the abdomen

Many of these disorders come from many different causes. It can come acutely due to a birth, surgery, a fall or an accident, but it can also come insidiously over time, e.g. because of stress, a sedentary job, or because you exercise too much and wrongly, or because you simply have bad posture, carry a shoulder bag or sit with your legs crossed or hang a little more to one side of the hip than the other , when standing upright.

All of this can result in a pelvis that becomes crooked or sits incorrectly. The incorrect position and poor posture can create chronic tension, pain, reduced sensation and disconnection from your pleasure and ability to orgasm.

The impact of culture on abdominal problems

We live in a culture that has a lot of focus on performance, competition, growth and action, so that we can quickly become disconnected from our lower body, creating tension and thereby misalignment. However, it is so important to take care of our pelvis so that over time we do not develop abdominal problems such as stress incontinence and prolapse.


There are two different types of incontinence: stress incontinence and urge incontinence.

Stress incontinence means that you have a weak pelvic floor, so when you either run or jump, you may find it difficult to hold your urine or stool.

Urge incontinence comes on acutely, e.g. if you're just going about your day casually, and then all of a sudden you have to urgently go to the toilet, and if you don't make it, you end up doing it in your pants.

These conditions are 100% curable. With stress incontinence, it is good to do pinching exercises, e.g. with a jade egg. But if you try to do pinching exercises for urge incontinence, you may well worsen your situation. Urge incontinence is tension-based. It comes from vaginismus, pelvic floor pain, and it's about learning to let go of tension, which presses up on the nerves and creates an environment where acute pressure comes on the bladder.

If you have both, the first step is relaxation and alignment of the pelvis. You should not start focusing on strength exercises with the jade egg or walking around with the jade egg, but instead you should first strengthen your pelvic floor in RELAXING! Then breathe into the pelvis and activate the nervous system within the vagina to relax and let go.


Both the bladder, the uterus and the anus can get prolapsed. However, the organs will never fall out. The organs may begin to sink slightly out of the cervix and further down towards the opening of the vagina. These are mild prolapses that can easily be healed, but more advanced advanced prolapses, where the organs actually start to hang out of the vagina, require something more, but with the right help and guidance from a pelvic specialist, this can also be improved, so that you get to live a normal life that you love.

Pain during sex

Women who have pain during sex can for many years keep silent about this disorder and have a great sense of shame and a sense of being destroyed as a woman.

Vulvadynia , a chronic pain in the abdomen. Constant burning, has difficulty sitting down.

Vaginismus or vaginismus is the condition where you have tension at the vaginal opening, so it is difficult to have penetration and even introduce anything into the vagina.

These conditions are very unpleasant and make life very sad.

Exercise to help against tension in the abdomen:

Pelvic alignment

Many of these completely normal abdominal problems such as stress incontinence, prolapse and pelvic pain and tension in the abdomen can actually be easily prevented and cured by aligning the pelvis and the rest of the body. Get hold of a physical therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath who specializes in pelvic issues, because you don't have to go through this alone, dear woman.

Pelvic alignment is one of the most important things to do to get a healthy and relaxed pelvic floor. When you learn to align your pelvis, you will open up much more in the abdomen, create space for nerve supply, fluid and blood flow, which means that you can relax much better, and therefore get much more contact with the abdomen and therefore get much more out of your pelvic floor exercises (eg with a jade egg or other yoni egg) and pelvic relaxation (your pussy shavasana). So you can get back to the natural pleasurable state of your pelvis.

It should preferably do exercises for pelvic alignment every day. You have to consider that you have probably had your condition for many years, maybe decades, and it requires you to do exercises every day to slowly support your body to get back to healing and enjoyment and balance again. It takes time, so be consistent with your exercises. And of course get help from a pelvic specialist so that you get exercises that are exactly beneficial for your unique situation and condition.

I send you so much erotic love!


Helen L.

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