De seksuelle årstider

The sexual seasons

Everything is blooming in nature right now and I am absolutely ecstatic about how beautiful it is. The cherry blossoms have popped and they are just like pink candy floss clouds.

In Japanese culture, it is said that the blooming of the cherry blossoms is called Sakura , and it stands for new beginnings and the beauty of life.

And this feels so right at this time, to also accommodate one's own inner flowering, one's inner spring and summer. To come out and play and fall in love with life again.

Perhaps you feel the same renewed desire and blossoming of life within. A desire for adventure, new sexual encounters and pleasurable things. Or maybe you don't - and that's totally okay too.

The woman's sexual seasons

Women are cyclical creatures and we go through different seasons - spring, summer, autumn, winter. And it is so important to honor all phases to have optimal health and balance.

According to the Taoist tradition, it is important to see human health and life as something that goes through a rhythm and cycle, just like that of nature. And more importantly, honor all phases of the cycle.

We can transfer this concept to female sexuality as something that also goes through four seasons.

It may be that you feel strange that you don't feel a pulsation of life and flowering inside your own pussy, when everything in nature exudes erotic energy and beauty. But it may be because you have not yet come out of your inner winter.

Learning about the four sexual seasons will completely change the way you approach your sexuality. This means that you no longer have to push your body and your pussy to perform in a certain way. Because you know that your pussy is naturally alive. Your pussy is naturally sexy, it's naturally lustful, it's naturally pleasurable, and it feels all different things because it's life itself. It pulses life energy. And just like life, it will go through different phases.


Sometimes it will be in summer, it will be alive, vibrant and full of light and bloom.

You will feel the orgasms! The lust! The lust! And the ultimate feeling of being connected to your sexiness.

And you want sex and are not afraid to ask for it and live out your innermost erotic longings.

To achieve a good summer, you must accept your imperfection.

Summer is an upward energy where there is a climax. It's like a birth and the achievement of a project or having an orgasm or three, four, five... It's the culmination of energy.. It's the climax of a long summer.

After the climax there will naturally be a downward energy. So if you stay in summer, you will tend to have to fake your orgasms, and sexuality becomes hollow in a way that is not satisfying.


So sometimes your pussy will be in autumn, where it will mourn, heal and be sad about the world, sad about the sea, sad about trauma and sad about what was once but is no longer. And just allow it! Autumn is about letting go. Embrace, accept and celebrate the changes in your life! This period can be focused around healing.

This can feel sad, but there can also be a great liberation in letting go, because it can open up new doors and deeper joy and satisfaction. It's like changing him.

So it's about surrendering and letting the autumn's cold cool the summer's heat, so you don't get overheated and dry... It may be that you have to do healing work with yoni eggs, yonimapping or vagina massage and de-armouring and be willing to put the past behind you.

Think of it as letting go of things and beliefs, maybe even a lover, and you will come to a deeper understanding of yourself. When you hold on to something that is in the past and no longer exists, you are actually blocking the way to enter your inner winter, ultimately paving the way for your fluids to naturally flow again when summer comes again.


Winter is for resting, integrating, relaxing. This is where you give your body/pussy time to be and just surrender into relaxation.

Sometimes it is winter. In fact, it is inevitable. Sometimes your pussy will be closed, sometimes it won't come out. Sometimes it needs silence.

Many women may feel that they are in winter all the time in their sexuality. That they don't feel horny or have difficulty getting turned on. And that's because we don't give our body and pussy the opportunity to fully relax and just be and go inside.

Instead, our inner winter is shamed and we criticize ourselves for not being sexy enough or not having the best sex in the world. We feel like we are "broken" because we can't get excited enough, are dry and don't get ready after 2 minutes of foreplay. We push ourselves to feel something or imitate society's image of a sexy woman, even though our body is screaming for peace and relaxation.

But what you have to remember is that when we've had a long cold and dark winter with a lot of snow, a wildly good and hot summer awaits. The same applies to feminine sexuality. If we don't allow our body to rest, then we won't feel like we're really turned on, wet and high on sexual pleasure either.

If you are your inner winter right now, remember to welcome it, even if the flowers and birds are awakened around you. It is okay.


Like nature, it will be in spring. After a long winter, one will naturally want to get out to play and be fresh to explore new things.

Spring is all about growth, energy and increasing energy. There is a feeling of bubbling butterflies in the stomach, expansion in the heart and a desire to learn new things and go on adventures and pursue one's passion and enjoyment.

You are curious and feel playful and experimental and adventurous.

It's a feeling of being turned on.

However, some women can feel stuck in their inner spring, where they build up a lot of energy that never ends in an orgasm. It can be a fear of surrendering and being imperfect in one's sexuality. It can be a fear of growing old and no longer being innocent and young. Dare to surrender into your orgasm requires daring to flow with and surrender to life and your life energy, which sexual energy actually is. There can be a danger of getting pregnant or a danger of the man no longer being interested in you if you show your true raw feminine self. But this is how it is to live and mature sexually and humanly, and after every cycle you will just feel that you are becoming more and more satisfied in your body and sexuality.

How the sexual seasons are used in your life

Allow and honor your sexuality to flow like nature.

Your sexuality is the most natural, and you don't have to force anything, you don't have to do anything, you don't have to be or be anything specific to anyone.

And the most important thing is that you don't have to push your body because your sexuality is not at the end of pushing yourself. But your sexuality is perfect and whole just as it is right now in your inner season that you are in.

Do you want to go deeper in your sexual awakening? See here how I can support you.

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