At gå i fodsporene af Afrodite

To follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite

Aphrodite from Greek mythology

Aphrodite is one of the most well-known goddesses from Greek mythology, and she embodies some of the most important things in a human's life, namely love, sexuality and beauty. She is everything that makes life sweet, beautiful and enjoyable.

You've probably already seen the popular Botticelli painting where she stands naked on a seashell and has just been born from the spray of the sea.

This is often how we know her: as a naked, beautiful young adult woman with long blond hair.

And isn't it also the most amazing and naturally sensual thing to swim in the sea naked in the summer. Feel the waves of the sea against your skin.

Birth of Aphrodite

When the limb of the sky god Uranus hit the sea, a spray of foam formed, and from it Aphrodite was created.

She rose from the waves of the sea on a seashell out in front of the coast of Cyprus at pathos.

It is said that Aphrodite has no mother, but this is not true! The sea is her mother – the ancient sea goddess Thalassa.

It was in the very union of sky and sea that Aphrodite the girl, the most beautiful, was created.

My own journey with Aphrodite

When I first started walking in the footsteps of Aphrodite, it was in the sea that I felt most connected to her, especially with a jade egg inserted into my vagina.

I chose to work with Aphrodite and get to know her because I wanted to heal my sexuality. It was through the jade egg practice that her energy was activated in my life.

She especially inspires women to be in their bodies and awaken their sexuality and sensuality. She wants us to love more, dance more, enjoy more and laugh with all our hearts.

I therefore also started to enjoy my body more, not only in terms of sexuality, but also in terms of taking care of my body with oils, creams and beauty products and taking time for self-pampering, relaxation and PLAY & FUN.

And one big thing was that I started to appreciate beautifying my surroundings and my home. For many years I had lived very ascetically and minimalistically and had cut off much of the joy of life in favor of working hard to succeed in life.

But I found it burned me out.

I had been vegan for many years, and when the Goddess really came into my life, I found that I needed to rearrange my life to make room for more enjoyment and relaxation.

I went from living vegan and raw food and being very ascetic, health fanatic and doomsday in my thinking to start eating animal foods again. And the joy that entered my body cannot be described. In my post-veganism period, I remember that one evening I made a whole dish with everything aphrodisiac: olives, cheese, meat, figs, etc. and enjoyed it with a good glass of red wine. It was pure joy of life that entered my body.

What Aphrodite has taught me is that the very fuel for making amazing things happen is through our joy and enjoyment of life.

Aphrodite and sexuality

I know that many are drawn to Aphrodite because of her connection to sexuality - and that's how I started working with her. In my practice of sex magic, yoni eggs and sacred sexuality, she has been incredibly significant.

But Aphrodite has is so much more than sex. Because with her, sex is not, as we make it today, as something forbidden, shameful and/or titillating.

The perception of Aphrodite is often that she is a stereotypically silly goddess of love who exists to give pleasure – often to the man. This very stereotypical view of her has meant that her image as a raw, potent and powerful Greek pantheon has been undermined.

For hundreds of years, the Goddess has been dismissed as a silly, pretty girl, innocent, virginal figure, which has been dismissed as less significant.

For centuries, the goddess as a powerful container of sexual energy, creation and life and death has been suppressed by a patriarchal and Catholic system. Such that the many facets of Aphrodite have been forgotten in us women.

Such that we women often only express our beauty as a consumable and our sexuality as something to please the man.

But Aphrodite is oh so much more... She lets us understand that women's sexuality, body and beauty is sacred and a powerful force.

Aphrodite as a POWERFUL goddess

Aphrodite is this primal primordial force that is in all people. She is the goddess of love and mother of seduction, pain, fear and desire (those are actually her children!).

She has so many nicknames and origins and powers that aren't about having sex. The Romans call her Venus, and she has roots in ancient goddesses such as Babylonian Ishtar and Sumerian Inanna.

Aphrodite's first statue was a stone. Back in ancient Cyprus, Aphrodite was called Kypris, who was the personification of the nutrient-rich earth and the life-giving ocean. There were no half-naked women, but only a big hard badass stone that represented the powers of the goddess.

Aphrodite's energy is therefore about much more than sex, but about life and how our sexual energy dissolves and nourishes our lives. That our sexual energy is life energy that nourishes and fertilizes our lives with meaning, beauty and love and wealth.

Are you ready to follow in Aphrodite's footsteps?

If you also want to follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite, you can do it now.


I will start the first round of Aphrodite's Rose on May 1st. Aphrodite's Rose is an online course that takes you DEEP into Aphrodite's feminine art forms, and you will learn to embody her sensual and self-loving energy both in your daily life and in pleasure practices and in communion with nature.

The course includes:

🌹 8 weeks of Aphrodite priestess training
🌹 Love letters about mythological stories about Aphrodite
🌹 Rituals, spells and meditations
🌹 Self-loving, pleasurable practices & sensuality exercises
🌹 BONUS Yoni egg practices
🌹 BONUS Aphrodite yoga sessions

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