Sådan bruges en vibrator mod underlivsspændinger

How do you use a vibrating pelvic wand for pelvic tension?

Follow our guide on how to use our Sway vibrator for a healing pelvic massage that combines massage and vibration to release tension and create well-being throughout the pelvic area. Whether you suffer from pelvic pain, experience dryness during sex or have other symptoms such as vaginismus, vulvodynia, endometriosis or general discomfort, this guide is for you.

Start with breathing and relaxation

Before starting the pelvic massage, it is important to start with breathing exercises and relaxation. Find a comfortable position on your back - preferably in bed - and start scanning your body. Observe and relax your jaw, shoulders, stomach, inner thighs, buttocks, entrance to the vagina and anus.

Place your hands on your lower ribs and feel them move calmly with your breathing. Then place your hands below the navel and feel your belly move calmly with your breathing - inhalation gently lifts and exhalation gently falls.

Vibrating pelvic massage

Then you proceed to perform the vibrating pelvic massage.

Pubic bone: First place the vibrator at the pubic bone on both the left and right sides for 30-45 seconds each. It is then placed on either side of the groin to promote optimal blood circulation.

Below the navel: Continue the stimulation by focusing on a point below the navel, known as the lower dantian, which helps to increase fluid mobility and blood circulation in the intestines.

Perineum: Apply the vibration to the perineum, an area between the anus and the vaginal opening. This area is a treasure trove of potential release of years and even decades of trauma that may not even be conscious. When it's open and relaxed, you can experience a pleasure you may not have known before. This step is a preparation for becoming sexually active.

Tailbone: Switch to your back and focus on the tailbone. The muscles around the tailbone require stimulation and increased attention to function optimally. Move the vibrator to either side of the tailbone for gentle but invigorating sensations.

Sacrum: Dedicate time to the sacrum. Stimulating the nerves here can be deeply healing and relaxing, leading to a transformative change in how you perceive sensations in your body. Relax your entire body and embrace the newfound relaxation as you transition into your orgasm practice.

Use of pelvic wand for internal massage

Before moving on to the inner massage, be sure which vibration setting is most comfortable for you. Feel free to try all the programs on your palm again to find the right one.

Imagine that the entrance to the vagina is like a clock, where the top point towards the pubic bone is at o'clock. 12, and towards the rectum it is at 6 and your hips are 3 and 9 respectively.

If necessary, use lubricant e.g. Pussy Butter™ to work with the pelvic rod and lubricate part of the pelvic rod and vagina entrance.

Place the pelvic rod on the perineum and from there slowly insert it into the vagina.

Insert the pelvic rod slowly into the vagina - breathe slowly and feel how the breathing affects the movement of the tissue in the pelvic area.

Point the pelvic staff towards o'clock. 3. Hold this point - gently press the tissues until you reach your comfort limit, then relax. Repeat several times - work on your breathing and feel how your body relaxes even more on exhalation.

Repeat this movement from 3 -> 6 -> 9 and pay attention to your breathing and the body's reactions along the way.

How long should the massage take?

The entire massage should take a maximum of approximately 10 minutes. Massage with the pelvic wand 2-3 times a week. You should see a distinct difference in muscle relaxation after just one month of regular work!


Remember to consult with a physiotherapist AND body/psychotherapist for an optimal healing programme. It is important that you get help to do exercises to strengthen the lower back, stomach and pelvic floor, as well as work with the psychological blocks behind the tension. When you let go and release deep muscle tension from the pelvic area, you also let go of deep emotions associated with deeper traumas and sorrows. But during the tensions and emotions, you also encounter a weak muscle that should be strengthened and retrained, so it is crucial to work on strengthening and stabilizing the muscles, because if you don't do it, you will just tense up unnecessarily again . And then all your work is the same.

Your home practice can combine yoni wand for yoni massage, dilator for gentle expansion of a tight pelvic floor and - when relaxed - a Yoni Jade Egg for pelvic floor training. But all this should not stand in place of physiotherapy AND psychotherapy/body therapy.

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