Menstruationsblod – smukt, kraftfuldt og magisk!

Menstrual blood – beautiful, powerful and magical!

A woman's menstrual blood is very sacred, healthy, powerful and her connection to herself and her femininity. During menstruation, we let go of the egg that was not fertilized into a baby. We bleed out the unfertilized egg and the endometrium. As we bleed, we cleanse, regenerate and prepare for the next cycle. It is therefore clear that during your period you are tired and weak and may feel sore throughout your body.   

Menstruation as a pestilence for society 

However, we have been brought up to see menstruation as a pestilence, as "shit" and something to be hidden, suppressed or completely avoided. There is a lot of shame, discomfort and pain involved in menstruation, and women are often accused of being erratic and moody. 

But I think this is because society is more designed to be outgoing and active all the time - and not passive and introverted. 

I believe that the pain associated with menstruation is a direct signal from the body to stop, take it easy and listen. 

Instead of trying to go against your period and the symptoms that must accompany it, we as women can actually listen to what our uterus has to say and channel the menstrual energy to make our lives better.   

Menstruation as an opportunity for cleansing and renewal 

Every month, when you have your period, you get the opportunity to withdraw, rest, cleanse and let go of the old, so that renewal, regeneration and reflection on the future can take place in your life. 

The more you start to become aware of your body, uterus and cycle, the more PMS symptoms will decrease or go away. 

You may also find that your periods and ovulation begin to harmonize with the lunar cycle, which in itself is truly magical!   

Menstrual blood is magical 

But what is truly magical is our menstrual blood!

Over the past few years, after I dropped birth control pills and animal foods, I have gotten more in touch with my body and my cycle and therefore also found the sacred and magical in my period. 

I now collect my period every month in my menstrual cup and make a little ritual out of giving my lunar blood back to nature. It's really beautiful and a way for me to connect myself to my female cycle and also use the energy of menstruation for something active. 

I have seen a significant change in honoring my blood and my sexual, erotic and feminine body. I have had less period pains, a shorter bleeding period and manifested various things into my life, e.g. I have manifested love, eroticism and travel into my life. 

Our blood is truly powerful and nourishing. It is definitely an unfertilized egg that has the potential to create life! So instead of spilling it into tampons, pads and down the toilet, we as women can give it back to nature and harness the blood's potential to manifest our dreams!   

Thanks for reading, beautiful goddess.



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