Oplev dybere nydelse med en Sort Obsidian Butt Plug

Experience deeper pleasure with a Black Obsidian Butt Plug

Black Obsidian Butt Plug can be a key to deeper pleasure for singles and couples. Made from 100% genuine black obsidian from Mexico, this plug is designed to explore the root of the body, the anus, and the orgasmic potential possible in and around this highly sensitive area. The anus is not just an outlet, but a magical portal to deep pleasure and emotional release.

The Magic Portal

The anus is surrounded by a complex network of muscles and high energy nerve endings. By surrendering to the anus and letting go of the anal muscles, you can experience greater sexual freedom and intense orgasm. At the same time, you will release fear and shame from your life. The anus is often the first place we tense up when we lack security, safety and stability, or when we are exposed to trauma and abuse. This tension can shut down the pleasurable possibilities of the anus.

Healing and grounding

With the Black Obsidian Butt Plug, the anus is stimulated, massaged and relaxed, creating deep healing and grounding. This tool is ideal for releasing and healing anxiety, worry and stress from past experiences. By opening up to this amazing flow of orgasmic energy, which rises and vibrates up the back of the body, you can experience an expansive full body orgasm.

Abtabuize the anus

It is important to release tension at the anus and de-taboo this area, as it holds great potential for exceptionality and pleasure. When you let go of tension, you can release a huge amount of energy, which helps you feel more connected to yourself and the earth, as the anus is connected to the root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for our basic sense of security and safety, and a relaxed anus can significantly improve these feelings.

How to use a Black Obsidian Butt Plug

To experience an anal orgasm and anal pleasure requires deep surrender and security. Going slow is the key! You must be able to let go of all facades and be vulnerable to yourself, your partner and the universe. An anal orgasm really feels like opening up to other dimensions and merging with your partner or something higher. It is incredibly pleasurable and ecstatic, so be gentle, slow and exploratory.

Take the time to explore and get your body used to the idea of ​​anal stimulation. This may involve experimenting with other forms of sexual stimulation to increase sensitivity in the body.

It's not about "getting something in", but rather about enjoying the process and discovering the sensitive nerves around the anus. Use small circular movements or light pressure with the plug to stimulate these areas and create a feeling of desire and excitement. During the whole process it is important to breathe and stimulate yourself on other erogenous zones, e.g. clitoris. You will feel very irresistibly excited to get it inserted when the time is right. You know when the right time is.

The bulged end of the butt plug gives an incredibly nice internal pleasure, and for men it can activate the prostate for deep internal orgasms, while for women it can give anal orgasms and vaginal orgasms, as it indirectly stimulates a point in the vagina through the anus.

It is important to be aware of your own limits and cues when exploring anal stimulation. If you feel pain or discomfort, stop immediately.

Always use lubricant to prevent tears and wash the plug with warm water and organic soap after use. Store it in a safe place as obsidian is fragile and can break if dropped.

Anal de-armouring

Anal de-armouring is a powerful practice that releases blockages and opens up deep pleasure and connection. Throughout life we ​​build shields and barriers, both physical and emotional, to protect ourselves. However, these shields can become a burden and prevent us from experiencing the beauty of life.

Our body remembers every negative experience and shameful feeling, especially around our sexuality. This can lead to tension and blockages, especially in erogenous zones such as the anus.

Anal de-armouring allows us to release these blockages and experience deeper sensations of out-of-body orgasms and deep connection. Anyone with an anus can benefit from this practice if they are open to anal play.

The process involves releasing physical, emotional and spiritual blockages through massage and awareness work. It requires you to be open and ready to become intimate with yourself.

A black obsidian butt plug can be an ideal start to anal de-armouring as it is beginner friendly and made from black obsidian which is a true trauma releaser and clears blockages whilst providing grounding, protection.

Here's how you do it...

Be open to these deep insights and allow yourself to free yourself from any judgment and expectations. Take time to immerse yourself in the moment, be it through a relaxing bath, sensual movements or a loving massage for yourself. If necessary, ignite your own passion and awakening.

Hold the bottom and hold it right at the opening and breathe deeply as you relax. Close your eyes and let your imagination shape the opening like a sacred portal. When you see this clearly in front of you, you can quietly step into the portal and gently press into the area around the anus opening.

Paying attention to your emotions and your body's cues, slide gently into the moment with your Black Obsidian Butt Plug, paying attention to any uncomfortable sensations. Listen to your body and stop if it hurts. Allow your breathing to guide you through the experience and be open to whatever may come.

For those who want to explore this practice more deeply, a Courtesan Glass Dildo can further intensify the experience.

Afterwards, aftercare is important, as the process can be intense.

Benefits of a Black Obsidian Butt Plug

  • Anal play
  • Expansive enjoyment
  • Full body orgasm
  • Earth connection
  • Protection
  • Reassurance
  • Clearing blockages and negativity
  • Healing trauma

By including the Black Obsidian Butt Plug in your intimate practice, you can experience heightened pleasure than ever before. Surrender to this magical portal and discover new dimensions of ecstasy.

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