Collection: Mermaid collection

The mermaid represents wild feminine sexuality
The mermaid is the archetype of the wild free orgasmic young girl.
She is whole and innocent and not owned by any man.
She is known to be the siren who seduces and lures sailors to their deaths with her song and beauty.
She is pure water element and possesses deep feminine wisdom, love, emotion, surrender, flow, pleasure, purification, trust, desire.
She is a wild raw energy – she is wet and orgasmic like the waves of the sea.
She knows her full authentic self and is connected to the "yes" and "no" of her heart and womb.
She sings with the voice of love and always speaks her truth.
She is at the service of the sea and love.
The Mermaid collection contains powerful feminine tools that will help you connect to the mermaid within yourself. You will come home to your wild free feminine sexuality and learn to listen to your heart and womb's longings, respect your "no" and act on your "yes". You will find the courage to open up your sound and your voice to communicate authentically what you want in sex and love, so that your orgasmic waves can flow wildly & freely.