Sådan føles det at bruge en menstruationsskive under sex

This is how it feels like to use a menstrual disc during sex

Haven't you also experienced increased sex drive during your period? In fact, there are women who experience feeling more sensitive and have a higher sex drive during their period. It is not known for sure why, but hormonal changes occur and the cervix is ​​more open and sensitive, therefore you automatically become more connected to your sexual wildness. If you feel that way, then at least there are also many good advantages to having period sex .

Of course, not all girls are equal comfortable having sex during her period. It's also understandable, because we can't avoid the fact that it can leave a lot of red stains on the sheets. This can make it difficult to completely surrender to enjoying the experience. BUT part of what keeps many girls from enjoying and even loving period sex is because we as girls are often not educated and empowered to sanctify our blood and celebrate it as an extension of the feminine.

As a young girl, I cried when I first got my period because I didn't want to be an adult. But there was also a deep sense of something shameful about it, because menstruation is deeply connected to fertility and sexuality.

The first times I had sex during the bleeding, I also left the tampon up - subsequently to my great horror! Because it had been masted so high up that I was afraid of not being able to get it out again.

Later I stopped wearing anything up, which left red marks on the stocks, which really wasn't very sexy - in retrospect.

Later I tried with a menstrual cup, but it completely prevented penetration....

While not everyone is equally comfortable playing around during their period. Maybe thinks his blood is disgusting. Haven't yet gotten to know the blood intimately. Think it's embarrassing for a new date. Or want an alternative for spontaneous moments when there is no time to unfold a waterproof Goddess Blanket™ on the bed or the like. However, there is no reason not to enjoy yourself when you feel like it - either with yourself or with a partner.

The menstrual disc is a circular menstrual product designed to protect during menstruation. But a big bonus is that a menstrual disc also allows you to have flawless period sex.

What exactly is a menstrual disc?

It may be that you have not heard of the menstrual disc yet, because it is also a relatively new menstrual product on the market. A menstrual disc is a circular menstrual product shaped like a basket that is placed in the back of the vagina around the cervix behind the pubic bone; in the area called the vaginal fornix . Here it sits like a kind of dam where it catches your blood so it cannot run past.

Its function is similar to menstrual cups: you only need to change it every 12 hours, and since it does not absorb blood, but only collects it, there is no risk of toxic shock syndrome. It is a sustainable alternative to disposable discs and tampons and is made from medical silicone. What separates the discs from the cups is that they 1) do not have a suction/vacuum effect, 2) are inserted into the deeper part of the vagina and 3) can be used during sex.

Why menstrual discs are great for period sex

Due to its function and flat fit, it does not take up as much space in the vaginal canal as opposed to e.g. a menstrual cup. A menstrual disc is located at the very back of the vagina around the cervix. It frees the vagina. During penetration sex, your partner's penis, your or their fingers, or your favorite GT sex toy can still be used for safe pleasurable sex. With a menstrual disc, you can feel free to have fun and get hot on the sheets.

A menstrual cup, on the other hand, takes up space inside the vagina because it is placed under the cervix and sits in place between the vaginal walls. This does not mean that it is impossible to have penetration with a cup inserted, but it is much easier and more pleasurable to do with a menstrual disc.

Menstrual discs make it possible to be more spontaneous in intimate relationships and at the same time feel safe.

Does a menstrual discs work as contraception?

NO. A menstrual disc is not contraception and does not protect against unwanted pregnancy. Sure, the menstrual disc looks like a pessary, but it doesn't magically transform them into a contraceptive and shouldn't be used as such.

A pessar is used with spermicidal gel or cream and has been tested to be used as contraception. That is not how menstrual discs are used.

Menstrual discs also cannot protect against sexually transmitted diseases. The use of a condom is the best protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Condom and menstrual disc are not a good mix, however, as there is friction during sex, and the condom can in rare cases be destroyed by the disc.

Women with an IUD can use a menstrual disc, as it has no vacuum effect and will therefore not disturb the IUD.

You should consult your doctor about which contraceptive method is right for you. Depending on your age and life experience, you should always investigate the different forms of contraception on the market (cf. birth control pills, IUDs, fertility computers).

Will the menstrual disc fall out during sex?

If the menstrual disc fits correctly, with the edge pushed behind the cervix and the front of the edge pushed behind the pubic bone, then there should be no problem with it falling out. If you bleed a lot, however, it may be a good idea to empty the disc before sex, just to be safe.

Partner approved

You may also be thinking about whether your partner will be able to feel it?

The disc's location, shape and flexibility make it possible to have enjoyable sex in many different positions, without blood getting on the sheets and your partner's you-know-enough. However, the disc does not go unnoticed. It's a foreign body you've set up, so depending on what positions you move into and how deeply he thrusts into you, he can feel it. But it will definitely not bother him because it is flexible and soft. In fact, it can even add an extra level of stimulation for both of you! It may feel tighter inside the vagina for him. For you, his thrusts can push the disc so that it rubs up and down you, adding an extra pleasurable sensation.

Psst.. bonus is also that you can even receive oral sex without thinking about him getting blood in the head. And at the same time, you can focus completely on your own pleasure without thinking about stained sheets and covers.

You can buy your own menstrual disc here at Goddess-temple.com.

Of course, it is also possible to buy a waterproof Goddess Blanket™, and when you are ready to put down the dam and release your blood during sex, you can experiment with wild, free hot period sex.

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